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QUEER UNIVERSITY is a forthcoming web- based educational platform that foregrounds queer perspectives and identities in its teaching, structure, and ideology. We re-imagine what education can look like in an environment of care, acceptance, and inclusion.


We offer classes across disciplines and foster an educational space free from homophobia and other forms of oppression. We are a queer-forward organization that champions people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities, and a world where inclusive policies and practices through intersectional justice frameworks are the norm.



We are guided by five principles:


At Queer University, we work to connect transformational queer theory to everyday embodied practice. Queer University battles the erasure of queer histories by creating a space that resists existing power structures and a world that incubates the possibility of a place that is entirely queer, inclusive, and safe. We hope to bring forth connectivity—linking bodies, culture, and history. Our pedagogical passion draws from liberatory education frameworks.


“…[T]he classroom becomes a dynamic place where transformations in social relations are concretely actualized and the false dichotomy between the world outside and the inside world of academia disappears.” (bell hooks, 1994, Teaching to Transgress, p195).

Our Team

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